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      Security of Supply and COVID-19 Updates

      Customers are looking for security in their chemical and ingredient supply. At Univar Solutions, we leverage our unparalleled network, supplier relationships, digital technology, technical expertise, and market knowledge to help our customers navigate dynamic market conditions.

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      Live Chat

      If you are located in the USA, you are welcome to complete this form. Please contact a Univar Solutions office closest to your area if you are located in Canada, Mexico, Europe or Asia.

      We are sorry we missed you! Our Chat representatives are available Monday to Friday 8-5 EST and are closed to observe major US Holidays.

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      Solution Center

      A global network of formulation labs and development kitchens driving innovation

      How do you keep up-to-date with today's fast-paced and competitive market? Does your business drive consumer trends or respond quickly to the latest market developments? At Univar Solutions we are continuously expanding our technical solutions to help you get to market on time and within budget. We offer 24 state-of-the-art Solutions Centers worldwide, with specialized industry expertise and innovative technical capabilities to help you solve your toughest technical challenges and accelerate your product development cycle, helping you get your product to market faster.

      To innovate and grow, you need the right solutions and a collaborative expert who can help save time, streamline efforts and formulate breakthrough products. Our Solutions Centers consist of formulation labs, development and research centers, and test kitchens around the globe, including our:

      • Formulation and application testing lab in Houston, Texas
      • Solvents blending and formulation facility in Cadishead, United Kingdom
      • Specialized make-up lab in Cusago, Italy

      With service available 24/7 and next day turnaround, our teams help you to prototype formulations and recipes based on the latest market trends, regulatory requirements and cutting-edge chemicals and ingredients. Our highly trained and experienced chemists and technicians specialize in:

      • Product formulation
      • Recipe development
      • Benchmark prototyping
      • Product performance testing
      • Chemical analysis
      • Shelf-life testing
      • Custom blending
      • Product composition analysis

      Discover how our Solutions Centers may help you augment your team with R&D capabilities. At each step in the product development process, from market and trend knowledge, through concept definition, sampling, scale-up, and launch, our focused sales and technical experts are here to support you. With our technical expertise and leading ingredient portfolio, we can help you focus on finding innovative solutions for the challenges you face both today and tomorrow.

      Collaborating with Univar Solutions can contribute to your bottom line. Contact us to learn more or to request a Solutions Centers expert follow up with you.

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