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      Security of Supply and COVID-19 Updates

      Customers are looking for security in their chemical and ingredient supply. At Univar Solutions, we leverage our unparalleled network, supplier relationships, digital technology, technical expertise, and market knowledge to help our customers navigate dynamic market conditions.

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      Empowerment Kit

      Lessons in Empowerment

      Beauty & Personal Care products can be used to impart confidence thus playing an empowering role for us all. Personal Care routines play a vital part in our mood and impact how empowered we feel.

      Empowering your customer means there is a level of trust between the brand and the consumer. Despite our ability to influence and enlighten, it is important to highlight that customers are looking to preserve their identity and singularity. They are not looking for perfection dictated by influencers and models, but solutions to help them accept their imperfections.

      Social media is increasingly reflecting diversity in beauty by promoting beauty for ALL: all shapes, sizes, tones and genders. To be heard by customers, brands need to build trust through empowering factors for customers: products need to have a meaning and story supporting individuality. Univar Solutions delivers ready-to-use solutions adapted to your customer targets, and offers the best in both synthetic and natural ingredients for beauty and personal care. Our teams work together to deliver best-in-class technical and marketing support in line with your needs.

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      Empowerment Kit Feel Empowered
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      Blow Dry Blow Dry
      Cleanse Cleanse
      Exfoliate Exfoliate
      Highlight Highlight
      Perfect Perfect
      Prime Prime
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      Blow Dry

      BLOW DRY is a leave-in hair cream designed for cosmopolitan consumers who are looking for effectiveness in their beauty routine to style hair on-the-go thanks to a time-release technology.


      • DOWSIL™ CE-7114 Silicone Quat Microemulsion: nonionic microemulsion of a quaternized amino-functional silicone polymer. Delivers multiple benefits in hair care applications such as conditioning, reduced drying time and hair breakage, color and heat protection.

      Cargill Beauty

      • Actigum™ CS11 QD: COSMOS approved efficient thickener and suspensive agent with great sensory profile. 100% derived natural, cold processable.
      • StarDesign™ Care: naturally derived thickener made from waxy corn. Gives a buttery texture and cocooning skin feel.
      • Emultop™ Velvet IP: COSMOS suitable highly efficient lecithin. Can emulsify up to 20% of oil and gives a velvety smooth touch on the skin.

      EarthOil by Univar Solutions

      • Organic Avocado Oil Crude: vegetable oil rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Widely used for hair treatment as it reinforces the hair, reduces dandruff, prevents hair breakage and protects the hair from external damages.



      CLEANSE is an extra mild conditioning shampoo with a very creamy luxurious texture. It has been designed to seduce the new high-end naturally-oriented consumer. Cleansers don’t have to be dull and we aim to innovate by creating toiletries that are both fun to use and efficacious.

      Cargill Beauty

      • Actigum™ VSX 20: COSMOS approved thickener and suspending agent with a great sensory profile.

      Colonial Chemical

      • Suga®Nate 160NC: 100% bio-based surfactant with a very safe profile. Patented anionic alkyl polyglucoside derivative that offers a superior alternative to traditional ethoxylated and sulfate chemistries.

      Kao Chemicals

      • BETADET® SHR: amphoteric surfactant, thickener and foam booster. A mild surfactant safe for skin. Vegetable origin.
      • DANOX® BF-22: highly effective sulfate-free pearling agent. Gives a brilliant white pearly shine appearance and excellent opacifying effect.
      • KAO SOFCARE® GP-1: eco-friendly, vegetable based hair conditioning agent. Enhances shine and manageability, imparting more smoothness. Imparts heat protection.


      • Olivem® 2020: naturally inspired, polymeric emulsifier based on olive oil chemistry that efficiently stabilizes all types of emulsions.

      EarthOil by Univar Solutions

      • Organic Castor Oil Crude: vegetable oil well-known for its numerous benefits in hair care. Thanks to its high content in fatty acids and vitamin E, it nourishes and strengths the hair.



      New trend alert! This is your new hair care routine: scalp exfoliation. EXFOLIATE is a naturally inspired formula to softly exfoliate scalp, while conditioning and nourishing hair. The plus? The easy application and rinse-off!

      Hair exfoliators are especially good for dry and oily scalps as well as dandruff to remove any build-up and excess skin cells. They are well known to help get healthier, shinier hair from roots to the tips. Scalp exfoliators are made for sensitive areas and thus they should be nourishing and gentle.


      • ACULYN™ 38 Polymer: rheology modifier that gives a smooth and soft jelly texture. It also has good suspension properties and stabilize the emulsion system.
      • DOWSIL™ HMW 2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion: ready-to use water-based emulsion of an extremely high viscosity polymer with good conditioning properties, gives excellent moisturization perception and silky touch.
      • DOWSIL™ 969 Emulsion: cationic based emulsion of amodimethicone. Conditioning agent, decreases dry combing force and provides slipperiness on wet hair.


      • AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000: multifunctional additive. Neutralizes the rheology modifier. Very good safety profile.


      • Biochemica® Arganshine: natural shine enhancer. Exploits the healing properties of rich, non-greasy Moroccan argan tree seed oil. Naturality >50%.
      • Olivem® 1000: COSMOS approved biomimetic ingredient derived from olive oil, high performance primary O/W emulsifier, with the ability to make liquid crystals.

      Kao Chemicals

      • BETADET® S-20: Amphoteric surfactant decreasing the irritation potential of the primary ones, improves foam and viscosity. Also used for its improved pH and low temperature stability compared to classical CAPB.



      HIGHLIGHT is the ideal product for people who want to highlight their best features during their skin care routine without adding any additional makeup. Its rub-off resistance makes it perfect for anyone looking for a long lasting glow to take them from the office to happy hour.


      • ACULYN™ 28 Polymer: anionic associative rheology modifier, hydrophobically modified, liquid polymer, cold processable. Imparts watery and memory shape texture with quick-break and fresh effect. Effective at pH 5.5-10.
      • DOWSIL™ EL-8048 ID Silicone Organic Blend: cold processing elastomer with isododecane as carrier. Provides dry smoothness and a light, silky, non-greasy skin feel. With quick absorption, it gives a low transfer property to color cosmetic formulations. Low D4, D5 and D6 content.
      • DOWSIL™ FA PEPS Silicone Acrylate: long lasting film-former designed for color cosmetics applications providing excellent sebum and wear resistance. Formulated in a bio-based carrier allowing cosmetic formulations having a higher naturality content.


      • Sensolene® Light ET: COSMOS approved active emollient combining superior emolliency with antioxidant benefits. Multifunctional biomimetic active emollient derived from olive oil and olive leaves that gives an extremely light touch to every formulation.


      • TRIS AMINO™ ULTRA PC: 100% biodegradable multifunctional additive, pH buffer with good safety profile.

      Cargill Beauty

      • StarDesign™ 05340: modified starch with sensory enhancing properties, naturally-derived.



      PERFECT is the must-have morning cream for the urban citizen. Its instant anti-aging effect, comes from soft focus technology, combined with long terms results, from our star active ingredients. It’s a formula that will seduce anyone who wants to softly blur any skin flaws for a happy face!



      • DOWSIL™ VM-2270 Aerogel Fine Particles: hydrophobic silica with superior oil and sebum absorption properties thanks to its huge specific surface 600g/ m2. Contributes to the soft focus effect of the formula. Also imparts a nice sensory profile.
      • ACULYN™ Siltouch Rheology Modifier: inverse emulsion of sodium acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer in dimethicone. Cold process emulsifier and thickening agent. Low D4, D5 and D6 content.
      • DOWSIL™ EP-9610 Cosmetic Powder: silicone elastomer with reduced agglomeration, which provides a smooth and silky after feel. Shows sebum and oil absorption as well as optical effect.

      EarthOil by Univar Solutions

      • Moringa Oil Refined: mechanically cold-pressed oil with very good emollient properties.


      • Phyt-N-Resist®: anti-aging multifunctional active produced through natural sugar fermentation by Deinococcus geothermali. Consists of pure phytoene concentrated at 1% in an ECOCERT certified jojoba oil. Beneficial effect on skin firmness, elasticity and significant anti-wrinkles action.


      • Stabil ZERO: unique alternative for gentle and effective preservation of personal care products without any listed preservative. Low smell.


      • Eurol® BT: multifunctional active ingredient from olive plant leaves, COSMOS approved. Actively works as anti-pollution, anti-aging, anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, increasing skin elasticity, antimicrobial, anti-acne and skin lightening. Free radical quencher.



      PRIME is a relaxing dry-sheet solution promoting skin health, radiance and pro-aging for consumers who are looking for a premium me-time break. It is enriched with essential oil, known to unwind one’s senses. The formula is pimped with ultra-efficient ingredients, to offer the best of skin care, while ensuring a great and relaxing moment thanks to a smooth sensory profile.

      Cargill Beauty

      • Satiaxane™ VPC 911: thickening, stabilizing and natural suspending agent. COSMOS approved xanthan gum, polysaccharide produced by a biotechnological fermentation process.


      • OLIVEM® LV Flex: O/W primary emulsifier for light fluid emulsion with a thixotropic effect. Works in synergy with Satiaxane™ VPC 911 for a lower viscosity.

      • Eurol® WHT: COSMOS approved multifunctional active derived from olive tree leaf and bearberry leaf extracts. Natural and mild skin brightening active, able to moderate pigmentation, while taking care of the skin.

      EarthOil by Univar Solutions

      • Organic Lavender Oil: essential oil known for its repairing and relaxing properties. Perfumes naturally the formula. Especially used for sensitive skins.


      • AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient: anti-aging active with prolonged efficacy compared to classical antioxidants. Contributes to healthy skin by softening the appearance of wrinkles, promoting skin radiance and delivering skin smoothing effect.


      • TRIS AMINO™ ULTRA PC: 100% biodegradable multifunctional additive, pH buffer with good safety profile. Keeps the pH stable over time.



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